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AeroSafe is a global distributor of environmentally friendly aviation consumable products. With our wide range of exclusive aviation consumable products, AeroSafe can supply many of your aviation consumable needs. While our core business is aviation consumables, AeroSafe has a world renown and exclusive line of aircraft engine wash systems. Widely considered to be one of the most effective aircraft engine wash machines available. We also carry the effluent capture systems to go with these units to ensure a zero discharge operation.

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26 January

AeroSafe, The EPA, and Purogene Water Disinfectant

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The EPA has had strict regulations for onboard potable drinking water and their storage systems to ensure safe and reliable water for aircraft passengers and crew. Beginning in 1979, the EPA began to realize the importance of having a standard for clean drinking water and issued the Water Supply Guidance. This required carriers to implement […]

23 January

Professional Safety Vests and Apparel

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As an aviation professional, you are well aware of the high standard that we consistent uphold. For this reason, safety is the number one priority of any aviation related organization. We understand this very well and have the safety apparel to meet and exceed your organizations expectations. Our safety apparel is ANSI certified as Class […]

17 January

Aerosafe is Proud to Introduce SSDX-12™

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SSDX-12™ is the newest and most effective aviation detergent on the market today. With its extraordinary cleaning power, you are sure to be impressed. The research behind this product was funded by and has the full support of the US Government. SSDX-12™ will surely meet and exceed the expectations of anyone from the average flying […]

Lektro-Tech S

Aerosol corrosion preventative compound with PTFE and acid vapor inhibitors. Taking the Bite Out of Corrosion!

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