Biodegradable Lavatory Soak Concentrate 1 gallon (case of 4) LVS-376


Biodegradable Lavatory Soak Concentrate

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LVS-376 is a natural, biodegradable solution for removing oil, grease and tough grime from sinks and other work surfaces, without harsh odors.   An integrated, balanced detergent and solvent, it is a smart alternative to aromatic and
chlorinated hazardous cleaners, as well as caustic and glycol ether (Butyl Cellosolve™-type) products. This lavatory soak product is recommended for removal of oils, grease and dirt from most surfaces. It is safe on aluminum,
galvanized metals, copper, steel and tin.


Test References:

·        AMS 1550B


Product Advantages:

·        Imparts a fresh, citrus odor to the work place

·        Quickly penetrates oils, greases, shop soils and impacted grime

·        Rinses clean

·        Safe on all metals including aluminum, galvanized, zinc and tin

·        Upon standing soil will separate, reducing cost of disposal

·        Biodegradable


This product is sold in a case of four 1 gallon jugs. 

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in


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