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Ink & Stain Remover Stick IR-162-Stick

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IR-162 is specifically designed to remove recent ink marks from pigmented leathers or vinyl surfaces with little to no color loss. The mild blend of cleaning agents targets stubborn ink stains on all grains and colors of leather.

The pen and stick versions are easy to keep handy to quickly attack recent stains before they set in. They are useful for larger applications and deeper penetration. Pre-test on an inconspicuous area. Do not proceed if leather color transfers to a clean cloth. Follow with LCP-382 Leather Conditioner Protector.

Product Advantages:

·          Quickly removes recent ink and stains from leather or vinyl

·           User friendly, biodegradable

·           Non-Toxic

·           Little, if any, color loss of leather

·           Comes in your choice of  stick or pen

·           Can be used on any color leather


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in