AeroSafe Products was incorporated in 1993 and began operation that year in Marietta, Georgia. The company continued operations from Marietta until September 2014, when Michael Muirhead acquired the company and relocated its corporate headquarters to Norcross, Georgia. AeroSafe Products markets and distributes environmentally friendly aviation chemicals, aviation equipment, and many other aviation related products. Some of the world’s most respected aircraft manufacturers and operators are our customers. AeroSafe is the exclusive distributor of Purogene®, the most effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial available for onboard potable water treatment.

Purogene® is now included on EPA’s Covid List N for surface disinfection.  Purogene® meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19

Our Purogene® product and the associated P.A.S.S. dispensing units are exclusively used to sanitize on-board potable water system on all Boeing aircraft before they leave the production lines. AeroSafe also supplies a significant volume of products to the US military. The company is the exclusive supplier of an outstanding line of aircraft engine wash equipment. In addition to our “Green Chemicals”, dispensing equipment, and engine wash machines, AeroSafe Products distributes a significant array of other FAA approved aviation related products, such as paint cleaner, sealant, and adhesive removers