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Leather Guard keeps that brand-new, supple, fine finished leather look and feel for luxury aircraft, RV or automotive seating, fine furniture or institutional use. Leather Guard is the finest enriching formula available for leather nutrition. Cleaning, by necessity, removes oils that have to be replaced to maintain the surface and feel of the leather. Leather Guard lightly cleans while restoring these essential natural oils and conditions the surface after cleaning. It is used to enhance appearance of all types of faux leather surfaces as well. Leaves premium leather look and feel (not shiny), and does not leave a slippery, glossy surface. Supplied ready to use (cream).

  • Cleans and restores leather to a soft, supple, finished leather look and feel
  • Reconditions dry, stiff leather
  • Does not leave a slick, shiny or tacky surface
  • Extreme economy of use
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can be used to clean and condition faux leather materials
  • Gentle, effective cleaning and leaves a rich, fresh leather aroma
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Protects surface from re-deposition of soils
  • Conforms to Airframe OEM standards and specifications