The EPA has had strict regulations for onboard potable drinking water and their storage systems to ensure safe and reliable water for aircraft passengers and crew. Beginning in 1979, the EPA began to realize the importance of having a standard for clean drinking water and issued the Water Supply Guidance. This required carriers to implement safer operations and maintenance programs to ensure proper measures were taken to serve clean, safe drinking water. In the years following the Water Supply Guidance, revisions were made to comply with new laws and guidelines.

In 2003, the EPA reviewed aircraft drinking water programs and made the decision to enforce new regulations regarding drinking water served specifically on aircrafts. After much cooperation and collaboration between the airlines and the EPA, the Final Aircraft Drinking Water Rule was issued in 2009 and went into effect in late 2011.
AeroSafe understands the importance of having clean, sanitary drinking water for your passengers and crew. That is why AeroSafe offers Purogene® and Purogene Airline Sanitization Systems (P.A.S.S.) to purify and sanitize your onboard drinking water. Purogene® is the most versatile aircraft water disinfectant on the market, and will leave your onboard drinking water crystal clear. P.A.S.S. systems are able to deliver concentrations of Purogene® at high or low levels without electricity.
All of AeroSafe’s products are approved by the EPA and meets all requirements to guarantee the safety of your passengers and your crew.