AeroSafe, The EPA, and Purogene Water Disinfectant

The EPA has had strict regulations for onboard potable drinking water and their storage systems to ensure safe and reliable water for aircraft passengers and crew. Beginning in 1979, the EPA began to realize the importance of having a standard for clean drinking water and issued the Water Supply Guidance. This required carriers to implement safer operations and maintenance programs to ensure proper measures were taken to serve clean, safe drinking water. In the years following the Water Supply Guidance, revisions were made to comply with new laws and guidelines.

In 2003, the EPA reviewed aircraft drinking water programs and made the decision to enforce new regulations regarding drinking water served specifically on aircrafts. After much cooperation and collaboration between the airlines and the EPA, the Final Aircraft Drinking Water Rule was issued in 2009 and went into effect in late 2011.
AeroSafe understands the importance of having clean, sanitary drinking water for your passengers and crew. That is why AeroSafe offers Purogene® and Purogene Airline Sanitization Systems (P.A.S.S.) to purify and sanitize your onboard drinking water. Purogene® is the most versatile aircraft water disinfectant on the market, and will leave your onboard drinking water crystal clear. P.A.S.S. systems are able to deliver concentrations of Purogene® at high or low levels without electricity.
All of AeroSafe’s products are approved by the EPA and meets all requirements to guarantee the safety of your passengers and your crew.

Professional Safety Vests and Apparel

As an aviation professional, you are well aware of the high standard that we consistent uphold. For this reason, safety is the number one priority of any aviation related organization. We understand this very well and have the safety apparel to meet and exceed your organizations expectations.

Our safety apparel is ANSI certified as Class II, Class III or Class E. This ensures that you’re in full compliance with local and federal regulations that ensure the safety of your personnel. We pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality products at the best prices.

Aerosafe is Proud to Introduce SSDX-12™

SSDX-12™ is the newest and most effective aviation detergent on the market today. With its extraordinary cleaning power, you are sure to be impressed. The research behind this product was funded by and has the full support of the US Government. SSDX-12™ will surely meet and exceed the expectations of anyone from the average flying enthusiast to major airlines.

This cleaner is not only the best cleaner on the market for external aircraft applications, it’s also safe for the user and very environmentally friendly. It’s completely non-hazardous with a pH range of 7.0-7.8 for greater operator comfort and safety. SSDX-12™ has no shipping restrictions and is non-corrosive. This product is safe to store and safe to use.

In addition to routine aircraft exterior cleaning, SSDX-12™ is an excellent facility cleaner. This includes, but is certainly not limited to: hangars, maintenance bays, hallways, floors and many more. This product has also performed outstandingly at Hill AFB during the cleaning of their industrial waste-water treatment facility. With such versatility and user safety, we are sure that you will be delighted to know that SSDX-12™ is also more cost effective than all other competing products.

Due to the cleaning effectiveness of this product, the recommended dilution rate is 30:1 compared to competing products that typically have dilution rates of 10:1. These other products also have much higher pH levels.

AeroSafe will continue to bring outstanding and environmentally friendly products to the market. Together we can change civil and defense Aviation for the better. Thank you for your continued support.

Your team at AeroSafe,