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Eliminate is a technology-based method for lavatory system care and ongoing maintenance. Eliminate’s concentrated toilet tank flush/soak additive compound is specifically designed to break-up and disperse all
hard-to-remove residues, i.e., paper and paper by-products, mineral scale, and any waste by-products commonly found in lavatory holding tanks. It is formulated to be safe to equipment and personnel while effectively dislodging and breaking down common lavatory sludge build-up within the system. In addition, Eliminate’s cleaning action will also service both on-board and ground-based internal pump mechanisms to maintain effectiveness and ease of operation for the long haul. Eliminate is a liquid product that both users and ground-based facilities prefer over powders and fillers that can contribute to system sluggishness and potential clogging due to the instability of such powders. Eliminate users find it very cost effective while finding the process efficient, effective and extremely easy to use.

  • Exceptional dispersing and cleaning performance
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Does not contain any restricted ingredients such as phosphates
  • Safe to internal pump systems and all working parts
  • Safe to Airport Tritcherator and municipal standards
  • Conforms to Airframe OEM standards and specifications