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GoodBye-NF is a liquid lavatory fluid deodorant that is specifically developed to meet the need for a proven technology lavatory fluid that is fully environmentally acceptable, provide operator safety, and is effective for both waste disposal and odor control. Nuvite uses a careful process and proprietary formula to create a uniquely effective and user-friendly product. Both users and ground-based facilities prefer liquid products over powders and fillers that can contribute to system sluggishness and potential clogging due to the instability of such powders. In addition, Nuvite GoodBye-NF is very cost effective at in-service dilution rates compared with powders.

  • Completely soluble in water
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Non-restricted for waste disposal
  • Safe to all metals, plastics, and fabrics
  • High dilution ratios afford economy
  • Safe to personnel
  • Superior odor and color control
  • Conforms to Airframe OEM standards and specifications